Compare and Contrast – Essay

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The purpose of this essay is for you to have an opportunity to apply your knowledge of drama, analyze the function and impact of stage directions, and develop your ability in composing a compare and contrast essay.


  1. Compose an essay of at least 750 words that compares the written and film versions of The Importance of Being Earnest.
    • Argue the extent to which changes were made, and what impact such changes had on the reader’s/viewer’s experience. Include in your introduction a thesis statement that sums up your overall argument and previews your main points.
    • Structure each main body paragraph with a clear and distinct topic sentence (relating to the terms in your thesis) that is followed with analysis of the play and film, and the reviews of the film, to substantiate your claims about the changes.
    • Include citations from the text, the film, and at least three reviews of the film.
    • Create a Works Cited entry for every source you have quoted and/or referenced.
  2. Submit your essay

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