Social Science Question

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Assessment Description:

Write an essay explaining the role of basic counselling skills in effective counselling. You can refer to the role-plays and live skills demonstrations you have observed/watched so far. You need also to consider each of the micro-skills listed below:

– Demonstrating empathy

– Reflecting on content

– Reflecting on feelings

– Clarifying

– Asking open-ended questions.

Ask yourself how these micro-skills are utilised in facilitating effective counselling session? What role do they play in a helping process? What are the risks and limitations of each of them?

Marking Criteria:

Answering the question and responding to the topic (10 marks)

Links to theories and concepts (10 marks)

Number and choice of appropriate references (4 marks)

Word count, readability, and structure (3 marks)

In‐text references and reference list, accuracy and use of correct referencing style ( 3 marks)

Total: 30 marks

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