Sociology Question

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1-5 Stages of Career Development-1.docx On page 10, you will find an activity called, “Identifying Your Career Development Stage, Activity 1.1. I have created a Microsoft Word document. Please download it and answer the following questions.

1-Which stage of career development do you feel you are in currently?

2-Provide the 2 descriptions you identify with the most from your career development stage.

3-What challenges are you facing now in your career development?

4-Where are you headed next in your career development path?


2-As we move forward on your career exploration, I want you to start thinking about what your past accomplishments and how you will use them for your future employment. I have uploaded a guide from the University of La Verne explaining how to complete a resume. Resume-Writing-for-Students-New-and-Experienced-Professionals-7.26.pdf


3-Understanding Yourself

How has everything you learned thus far have impacted your career goals and decisions? Do you have a better sense of what you want to do and why? If you are still undecided, list at least three things you can do to help clarify your career goals and your why. Explain in detail what helped you get this clarity.

Read/Review Unit Readings:

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