these are ALL financial analyses and a financial analysis is only one tool

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I submitted a paper last week (part 1) that my professor told me was wrong. Her exact feedback:

“These are ALL financial analyses and a financial analysis is only one tool. The problem you stated Adidas has is managing their product portfolio, so the tools you need to be using would be related to marketing and brand management. The tool selection must address the stated problem. Please revise and resubmit ASAP. This assignment should be only 1.5-2 pages and should describe the tools and how they apply, the formulas are not needed. I attached my project intro and problem statement so you can understand what my project analysis is about.

I have attached the assignment so that you can make the needed corrections DUE ASAP and no later than FRIDAY MORNING. Once you finish that, part 2 of this assignment, which should be at least 5 pages long (doubled spaced) and it is due Saturday.

Here is the instructions for PART 2:

Strategic Analysis: Under subheadings containing the tool name (under the main heading Strategic Analysis), develop a strategic analysis using three or more tools. At the end of each tool’s analysis conclude with a summary of how the information relates to the problem identified. please let me know if you have any questions. I have very little flexibility with the timeline- it needs to be completed on time.

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