Literature Review (15 peer-reviewed references) needed

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Literature Review (15 peer-reviewed references) based on problem statement attachment below

One of the areas
where organizations face the greatest challenge today is in the growth of
employees, especially those in the entry-level position. Many firms fail in
this sector because their leadership is not well trained to deal with the
increasing demands of the modern economic times when it comes to maintaining a
certain level of employee growth. Leadership behavior have a direct correlation
to employee’s growth from the entry-level position (Bayram, & Dinc, 2015).
Organizational cultures can lack innovation with leadership development and
growth for entry-level employees (Joo, & Lim, 2013). The general business
problem is organization have a high turnover rate for entry-level employees
that are a misguided by leadership. The specific business problem is the lack
of the leadership strategies to educate and retain entry-level employees.

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