Security Law, Unit 5 What two major elements are necessary for the finding of criminal liability

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Unit 5

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Part 1. Choose one of the chapter review questions from Chapter Six to repeat and thoroughly answer.

1. What two major elements are necessary for the finding of criminal liability?

2. Research your jurisdiction’s manslaughter statutes. What language is utilized todescribe the mental state?

3. How does one distinguish between the gradations and levels of differing criminal acts?

4. Give a fact pattern that would involve a private security agent or investigator that applies the felony murder rule.

5. What types of criminal activity would most commonly occur in American business and industry and require the investigative services of private security forces?

6. Why should the private security industry be concerned about “public offenses” or conduct involving the social order?

7. Name three evidentiary rules that are relevant to the private security industry.

Part 2. Identify and explain a one of the following. Fully and clearly present all pertinent information.

Actus reus listed on p. 221.

Felony or misdemeanor on pp.225-226.

A specific type of crime or offense listed between pp. 227-279

Evidence concepts of chain of custody, admission of business records, real/demonstrative evidence, lay witnesses vs. expert witnesses listed between pp. 280-287.

Evidentiary principles on pp. 288-292.

Part 3. Choose one of the following options to answer as your part three essay:

Option One: Discuss and analyze the nature of property crime. What are its types? How have these definitions evolved? How much does the property crime phenomena involve the security industry?

Option Two: Review the challenges of arson proof and the elements that are part of that analysis. Be specific about the requirements for meeting the burden.

Option Three: Explain how property offense extends to more and more industries. Have the criminal codifications kept up with the expansion? Provide examples.

Option Four: What type of policies need to be in place for review and minimization of sexual harassment and related work place offenses?

Option Five: Relate how the security industry is involved in the protection of the public and the maintenance of order.

Option Six: Review and discuss the various forms and typologies of evidence.

Option Seven: Review and discuss how the security industry often finds itself afoul of evidentiary principles. Give clear examples.

Option Eight: Discuss and dissect the law of mens rea. Be thorough in your examination of its terms and definitions.

Option Nine: Analyze the five most common forms of criminal activity that security professionals will come in contact with during the course of their performance. Has there been a change in this thrust? Any new directions?

Option Ten: Project what type of property crimes will emerge in the future. Be creative and imagine the novel forms of property offenses yet to be codified.

Participation Requirements:

Consult the grading rubric in the Faculty & Course Info section for the grading criteria.

Original discussion board posts:

Create a thread for your original post identified with your name.

350-500 words long (total) with proper punctuation, capitalization, and grammar.

Include three (3) different sources (the textbook does not count

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