Discussion of Medieval Magic, Demonology, and Witchcraft (based on Reading provided)

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Based on the 2 attachments provide a 500 word discussion post.Now we can really start
dissecting the question of “what is witchcraft?” It may be of use to
revisit Richard Kieckhefer’s essay from the beginning of the semester in
order to demonstrate how much “witchcraft” mirrored “saintly miracles.”
Feel free to get a bit broader and a bit more generalized in your
analyses this week as well. We are at a point here, in which the lines
between magic and religion; witchcraft and sainthood; mysticism and
lunacy; and orthodoxy and heterodoxy become more arbitrary than ever and
truly horrible events are on the horizon. As always I want you
to demonstrate a thorough reading of the course materials in at least 500 words.

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