MGT-445 Week 2 – Needs Assessment Report

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Assignment Detail:

**Use the position of a customer care representative (like a call center) **

Select a position at your current or previous place of employment, or
any position in a specific organization for which you have basic knowledge
(e.g., customer service representative, electrical engineer, legal aide,
etc.).Your selected company must be a
medium- or large-sized company, and the position should be one in which there
are a minimum of two job incumbents.

·Create a needs assessment report of
approximately 750 words that includes the following:

o A
description of the data collection methods and sources you used to identify any
performance, knowledge, skills, or ability gaps in your selected group of job

o A
summary of the findings from the needs assessment, including any insights
gained from performing organizational, task, and/or person analyses.

o A
description of the specific performance, knowledge, skills, or ability deficits
for which you will develop a training or learning intervention.

·Include a minimum of one scholarly source

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