​Target Markets and Advertising

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Target Markets and Advertising

Learning to create advertising, promotional literature, and graphic depictions of ideas is a handy skill to have in many professions. It can help sell an idea to management in a presentation, promote your product or service to a specific audience, or illustrate an idea or concept to fellow colleagues at work. You will get some practice using your creativity now while implementing what you learned this week regarding a target market.


  1. Create a short display advertisement
  2. You can use the Insert tab at the top of a Microsoft Office Word document to insert a shape by clicking on “Shapes” and then double clicking on the shape you inserted and then click on the Format – then “shape fill” to add a different color. You can add a text box if you want by clicking your shape you added again and then the Insert tab and then on Text box. Or you can click on Clip art to help you insert a picture.
  3. Based on your classmates’ ads and target market, vote for your favorite ad. Explain why, justifying your vote by how the student addressed their ad to the target market.

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