Human Resources Case Study

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Case Study

In an essay of between 750 and 1000 words, respond to the following case:

You work at New Homes, Inc. The company manufactures, delivers and assembles prefabricated homes. It is located in a small town (12,000 people) about 25 miles from Atlanta, Georgia.

For the past two decades the company has worked strenuously to recruit a larger number of African Americans among its professional workforce, particularly the sales force. The efforts have been successful. At this point approximately 14 per cent of the sales force and 17 per cent of the entire workforce are African Americans. (African Americans are 15 percent of the surrounding population.) At a recent meeting the company determined that regardless of this effort, the same twenty years have witnessed spectacular growth of Vietnamese and Hispanic populations, now 7 per cent and 12 percent respectively of the surrounding population. Presently there are no Vietnamese employees and only two Hispanic staffers out a total of 225 employees of all types in New Homes. The two Hispanic staff members work in maintenance.

You have been asked to prepare a memo for the HR Manager identifying the steps you believe the company should take in seeking to create a more diverse workforce based on the current regional demographics.

As you write your memo, keep in mind that the effort will require recruitment of production workers, sales employees and office staff (both clerical and professional). Also, your plan must incorporate at least three of what you believe are key issues that Dessler addresses in Chapter 5 of his textbook.

(Note: As mentioned in the book, the following are the items mentioned in recruiting a more diverse workforce:

* Recruiting Women * Recruiting Single Parents * Recruiting Older Workers * Recruiting Minorities * Recruiting the Disabled

I think Women, Minorities and Disabled are the most important…focus on those 3 but you can include how single parents and older workers can contribute also.)

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