Busniess Questions

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I need a substantive response to Each of the following questions.

  • How important do you think an effective strategic plan is to the success of a company?
  • What is the importance of the mission and vision statements as it pertains to employees, managers, customers, and stakeholders?
  • Which of the four functions of management do you believe to be most important?
  • Is a mission and/or vision statement necessary for a company to be successful? Why or why not?
  • What is an EFE matrix?
  • What effect do you think culture has on the development of a strategic plan?
  • What are some of the limitations of a SWOTT analysis?
  • What portion of the SWOTT analysis do you think is the most difficult to perform? Why?
  • What are the main factors that make up an effective strategic objective?
  • Who is responsible for developing a company’s goals and objectives? Why?
  • What is the importance of effective communication within an organization?
  • What is the relationship between personal ethics and business ethics?
  • Who are some of the parties that will receive the communications of changes to a strategic plan?
  • Why should a strategic plan be continuously monitored and updated?
  • hat role should the employee play in the monitoring or development of a strategic plan?

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