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Subject: yellowtail case

To:Yellowtail Marine

From: Robyn Gilcrist

Date: April 24, 1976

Subject: Message to the staff

Hi everyone, I am Robyn Gilcrist the new CEO of Yellowtail Marine. First, I’d like to offer my deepest condolences to all that had the opportunity of working and knowing Mr. Olaf Gunnerson. As of today, I will be inheriting his position and look forward to working with you all. I know there may be some challenges, but if we work together as one team, I know we can make this company greater. I also come from the water sports industry, previously working at Sportscraft for several years. During my time there, I successfully increased sales by 70% within two years. I am confident that I can bring positive changes to this company as well. Below are some of my short and long term goals:

Short-term goals:

  • On April 12, we will have OSHA inspectors visiting our location to ensure that our work environment meets safety regulations. It is imperative to take extra caution to be careful and safe while working. Please keep your safety equipment on at all times and protect yourselves from any hazards that may cause harm.
  • The current problem with both foam injection units needs to be resolved before the OSHA visit. Please make any necessary arrangements to have this fixed as soon as possible to resume production.

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