Complete Cause and Effect Diagram and Analysis for Situation Below

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Here is the link for the second round of in-class videos. Please use them for your review.
The assignment is as follows: Please review the information on Cause and Effect diagrams and develop a diagram that responds to the following situation. Use People, Method, Equipment, Material, and Environment as the major sources of where the problem could occur. Select the root cause of what you feel the potential issue could be. Submit your diagram as an attachment to an email and a statement as to what you think the primary issue is. Here is the situation:
After a purchase of several cases of coffee from our vendor, upon arrival the next morning coffee was made in our building by the first employee to arrive. This is a normal activity every day and is not always the same person. The coffee comes in individual packets, one per pot. When the coffee is inserted into the maker, a button is pressed and the water is heated and dispensed through an automatic system. The coffee maker is owned by the vendor and is serviced by them. The result was a pot of coffee that was so bitter that no one could drink it. This was thrown out and a second pot was made with the same result. Your problem statement will be: Bitter Coffee. After analysis, what do you feel is the most likely cause of the effect?


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