Strangers on a Train, English homework help

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Directions: Choose one of the topics below and write a multiple paragraph essay in which you directly respond to the issue presented.

  1. Analyze the character and arc of the protagonist in Strangers on a Train, Guy Haines. What lesson is the reader supposed to learn from his experience?
  2. Do an in-depth analysis of the antagonist in Strangers on a Train, Charles Bruno. Use the elements for studying character we went over in class (appearance, actions, dialogue, relationship to other characters). Specifically discuss his motives in the story. What comment on humanity does the author use him to make?
  3. Analyze the development of the relationship between Guy and Charles over the course of the story. What theme does the author use this relationship to present?

Requirements: Typed, double-spaced, four pages at a twelve-point font. Use MLA format.

Note: An A paper will have a thorough introduction that provides a set up for the analysis, a clear thesis that addresses the essay topic, a strong use of specific examples/quotes throughout the body, clear and distinct body points, a sound theme that provides a backbone to the analysis, well-structured individual paragraphs, a smooth recap at the end. An A paper will also be free of major writing and style errors.

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