You determined a general topic in early childhood that interests you, assignment help

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Designing Your “Study”

Previously in this course, you completed a number of tasks which prepared the ground for the research simulation this week:

  • You determined a general topic in early childhood that interests you
  • You identified three related subtopics that interest you
  • You narrowed your three subtopics down to one and reflected on related ethical issues

This assignment takes you even deeper into the research simulation process as you are charged with developing a research question from the subtopic you have chosen, and determining the time orientation, the setting, and the participants of your research simulation. All of these steps simulate, albeit on a very small scale, actual steps needed when preparing for a full fledged research study.

Research Simulation, Part 2

As you know, these research simulations are intended as an opportunity for you to engage in the major steps of the research process on a manageable scale. As well, they are designed to deepen your knowledge of the research process and make you a more informed critical consumer of research in early childhood. Your task this week is to develop a research question from your topic of interest, determine the time orientation of your research simulation, the setting for it, and the participants.

My topic is: Factors Determining Cognitive Development

For this Assignment,

  • Use the document below to record your responses.



State your research subtopic which you developed in Week 3

Based on your chosen subtopic, now state a specific research question which will guide your research simulation. Remember to make the scope of your question narrow and focused.

What time orientation will your study have: will it focus on the present, the past, or the future? Explain briefly.

Where will you conduct your study (laboratory, home, school setting, somewhere else)?

Who will the study participants be?


As you continue to develop your simulation in the coming weeks, you will be incorporating new information and be guided with regard to ways to modify your research simulation accordingly.

By Week 7, you will have a good idea which research design will best fit the needs of your research question for your final simulation exercise.

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