Pricing Presentations

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In addition to reviewing the textbook chapters and tutorials from background materials, you may also use Google to search and find information about the concepts in this module. The problem with looking at random sources online is that much of what you find online is not necessarily credible. Let’s try to find some online sources that are both credible and help you understand the concepts from the background materials.

Given that this final module on pricing is probably the toughest one, I don’t blame you if you are also trying to find some videos or other online materials to help augment what you learned from the textbooks. So for this discussion go to YouTube and find a video that meets the following criteria:

  1. The video is from a credible source – perhaps from a professor at a reputable university. Use the “Writing Style Guide” which is accessed under “Resources.” There is a section on “Identifying Credible and Reliable Sources” on pages 16-17 that you should use as your guide to identify credible videos.
  2. It does a good job at clarifying some of the concepts regarding pricing strategies in marketing from the background materials.

Share the link with your classmates, and explain why you found the source to be credible and what specific concepts from the background materials it helped explain.

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