Write two Film Review Essay One page for each

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FILM REVIEW ESSAY for The 11th Hour

Write Two Film Review Essay, One page for each.I want two entirely different essay.

Single-spaced, font size 11, with standard margins One page

A film reflection is not a summary or a report for the teacher.

PROMPT: Write a one page essay in which you provide an interpretation of the Allegory of the Cave based on the content of the film.

  • Use Al Gore’s “Our Purpose” and “The 11th Hour” to exemplify each the symbols in the allegorical framework: sun, outside the cave, escapee, path way out, inside the cave, prisoners, shadow-casters, shadows on the wall. (Instead of a list, use persuasive paragraph form.)
  • Give an interpretation that reveals the truth of our situation today from the perspective of the filmmakers. In other words, who are the good guys ‘outside the cave’ and who are the ‘cave dwellers’ according to the filmmakers?
  • Take a stand for or against this interpretation based on your own personal political/philosophical perspective. In other words, give your opinion of filmmaker’s argument. Do you agree or disagree with the argument of the film?

  • Conclude with a statement that conveys your understanding about the relationship between philosophy (allegory of the cave) and real life (environmental crisis).

Failure to engage the prompt, plagiarism, or summary are not accepted !!!

Do not copy anything form anywhere

Please read my introduction very carefully

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