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Over the last five years there has been much financial turmoil in the global markets and much of the blame has been pointed at the debt markets and some of the innovative products that have been developed in this market. One segment is the derivatives market. Your task is to research the type of interest rate derivative securities that are available within Australia and the UK, both OTC and exchange traded. You are to compare the two markets and evaluate which product(s) would be best for an investor or a borrower? Also what the Brexit has had on this markets.

It should be appropriately referenced and structured as a report. (i.e. title page, executive summary, contents, introduction, main body, conclusion, and bibliography in Arial 12 point). Note that this is the maximum and you do not have to achieve this limit. There is plenty of information available. Please do not cut and paste, but put the explanations in your own words.

You are to submit the project in Word and PDF format (thus 2 copies) in the submission folder with in Blackboard by the due date.

If you have any questions, please place then in the discussion folder relating to the major assignment.

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