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Scenario: Project is to have a performance reward system to be installed for a company of 400 people in 3 different locations. The system it to encourage quality and production of work. The system is web based and to be linking in the main company data base. The overall budget is 250,000.00. Project completion is 9 months to be fully operational.

Part 1

You will finalize the project and discuss the closing processes. Assume the project can be closed.

Update your existing project management plan to reflect the following:

  • Discuss how the deliverable will be accepted by the customer/client.
  • Discuss the process for closing the project management plan.
  • Explain how the procurement contracts will be closed.
  • Provide a Lessons Learned section to include any information related to the project that could help in future projects.
  • APA format with references 1000 words

Part 2

  • Letter to Senior Management regarding the project success: Provide a letter to the senior management to include the lessons learned for the project and any successes related to the project.
  • Discuss program management: Complete this section in the template, and provide your thoughts on program management and how resources could be shared across programs to be more efficient.
  • Provide information on emerging trends and their inclusion in future projects: Discuss any emerging trends such as agile project management and what could be included in future projects.

APA format with references 1000 words

2000 words total

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