write 2 or 3 page

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From your Book Principles of Marketing (Kotler), please read the following:

Part III. Designing a Customer-Driven Strategy and Mix

12. Marketing Channels: Delivering Customer Value

13. Retailing and Wholesaling

Write a three (3) page essay, using 1.5 spacing, Size font 12, Font type Arial or Times New Roman.

From this essay, I am most interested to read your definitions and real examples or experiences; you did fabulous in your past HW, so please keep your style.

Print this HW and bring a hard copy for next our class.

HW 2: Go to a store of your convenience and take photos of each products’ arrangement: Radial, Pyramid, Steps, Zig-Zag, Repetition. Copy paste them in this same essay.

Any doubt, please let me know.

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