leadership competencies – self assessment essay

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Prepare an essay, 6-7 pages long, double spaced on leadership competencies

this is a self assessment essay on leadership. Therefore it should contain examples for every section mentioned below. This leadership essay should be related to healthcare only, so the examples provided should be related to healthcare professions.

instructions for the essay:

Reflect on your own current professional leadership philosophy and competencies -what current strengths could you bring to a leadership role? (should be an healthcare profession)

As you discuss your philosophy, include examples of good and poor leaders you’ve dealt with and/or worked for to illustrate your own preferred/ valued leadership style. (examples should be related to healthcare profession)

Compare your philosophy or beliefs about leadership with the Competing Values Framework (CVF) model (Quinn, R., S. Faerman, M. Thompson, M. McGrath & Bright, D.S. (2015). Becoming a Master Manager: a competing values approach. 6th edition. Wiley) and the Professional Competency Triangle model (Bowman, J., West, J.; & Beck, M. (2010). Achieving competencies in public service: the professional edge. (2nd edition) M.E. Sharpe.). How have these models and readings helped you to become more aware and confident about your own leadership potential and how to grow it?

Given where you are now in your professional career, describe the leadership challenges you are most likely to encounter in your next professional level up (indicate whether first, middle, upper-level) in terms of individual skills side and team skills. (should be an healthcare profession)

At this point, based on all you’ve studied and read about leadership, discuss your own belief/opinion about whether leadership skills are ‘natural’ or ‘learned’. Given this perspective, what strategies will you adopt to hone your own leadership skills?

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