Exercise #4: Summarization, English homework help

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Exercise #4: Summarization

Returning to Escobar’s chapter of Encountering Development, we will explore strategies for summarization.

Please write THREE summaries of the chapter.

The first will be a long paragraph (~300 words or more), attending to:

  • strong paragraph structure (clear topic sentence, evidence related to that topic, conclusion expressing significance of the topic);
  • a fair presentation of the argument of the text itself, and not an argument of your own on the same topic;
  • a strong indication nonetheless of what you think is important about that argument;
  • an interpretation that offers a more persuasive form than a simple list of points;
  • quotations where you feel they are necessary.

The second version will be a sentence-long summary of the same. This can be as long as necessary, but make it readable! As above, this summary should be a fair interpretation that also signals to your reader what you take to be most important from the chapter.

The third version will be a summary in a phrase, i.e. a few short words that you can drop into another sentence to gesture briefly towards Escobar’s argument.

MLA Style.

I uploaded a file which is the reading itself.

Word count: see above

Two files are attached by mistake but one of them is wrong. Please read the one that is titled Escobar. Thanks.

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