they are three section, choose one question from each category

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Section 1.

1. Based on your reading, discuss how each of the following are major

factors that affect EMS services: personnel, call volume, time on call,

level of service, quality of service and response time. THEN, explain

cost vs outcome.

2. Based on your reading, define each item AND
how it affects ems service: capitated contract, fixed costs, line item
budgeting, UHU, zero-based budgeting, program based budgeting.

Section 2

15 points

Based on your readings, describe the historical development of, and
programs administered by, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid

2. Describe how fiscal planning affects EACH of the 14 attributes of an EMS system.


25 points

Define AND discuss the following terms as they apply to EMS:

1. Gross costs

2. Net Costs

3. Profit Margin

4. Overhead

5. Capital Expenditures

6. For Profit vs Non-Profit

7. Accounts Payable

8. Accounts Receivable

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