Week 7 Final!

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Disparities within the Healthcare System (TITLE)

Final Paper Introduction to Sociology
Due Friday February 26

This is my Final paper for this course. Please look over the info and let me know if you will be able to complete this task by Tuesday (tomorrow) because I have to “turn it in” early for plagiarism. Thanks for ALL your help and I will surely be using you again starting next week for my new courses. THANK YOU!!!!

TITLE: Disparities within the Healthcare System

Students will choose one social disparity covered in their text to explore further. This can include education, healthcare, housing, jobs, childcare, disabilities etc. Students will choose a topic by the end of week 6 to be approved by the instructor.
Students will choose at least two scholarly sources to discuss their topic, these can include journals or books. Students will also choose one popular source to exemplify their topic. This can come from any source, just be sure it is cited. This are the MINIMUM requirements for the paper so consider that as you consider what grade you would like to receive on your paper.
The following elements are required in the paper:
12pt Ft, Times New Roman, 1 inch Margins

Single space

5 Pages, not including your cover page or your reference page
APA style in-text and reference page citations
Proper grammar, punctuation editing.
No references to yourself. All references to your own thoughts or ideas should be made in the third person.

The following should be included in the content of your paper
Clear statement of topic
Discussion of social factors contributing to this problem
Any new findings discovered in the reading
Potential solutions for improvement.

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