4 Essay (each of essay need one page)

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Essay 1: Attendance at Museum of Radio and Television seminars (10 points) One-page typed summary of what you learned and/or your impressions of what you saw and heard. Relate to the media theory (one page)

Essay 2: War of the Worlds. If you attend a theatrical production of the radio drama and write at least a one page evaluation of your experience and how those relate to the media theories (one page)

Essay 3: War of the Worlds. you listen to anyone production on radio and write the report (one page)

Essay 4: Movies: Certain films offer extra credit opportunities when you view them and related them to the course material in a written report (1 to 2 pages typed). Examples: Network, Ed TV, The Truman Show; Up Close and Personal, Absence of Malice, Man of the Year, Stranger than Fiction, etc.No more than 20 points max. Remember, your review must address the appropriate topics which are part of the movie. Consider this much more than movie review. (one page)

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