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  • 1. At the beginning of Whitman’s Leaves of Grass, he writes, “For every atom belonging to me as good belongs to you.” While this initially appears unrelated to religion, the text points out that Whitman was indeed strongly influenced by a particular religion. What was it? And how do you interpret the line from the text in relation to this spiritual influence?2. In your opinion, would the discovery of life on other planets strengthen or diminish: a) the belief in God; and b) the role of religion in modern society? Explain and support your answer. 3. After Socrates was sentenced to death, his followers urged him to escape his minimum security prison and flee to Athens. He refused. Pretend that he agonized over this decision and asked both Bentham and Kant for advice. Indicate what each philosopher would have recommended, and why. Then present and defend your own view. 4. The arts were discussed as a source of moral values. Cite one particular movie or tv show you have seen recently that you believe explores and promotes a moral choice. How convincing do you think it was? Explain.

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