dance related quest

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While watching the following clips of Bharata Natyam,a classical Indian form, have a clean piece of paper in front of you and jot down 3 component descriptions of what the body is doing as you watch.

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Part A: Choose a moment or element from one of the clips you watched. Provide a description of only the intrinsic elements, a description of what you see the body doing that uses 3 component descriptions. (around 50 words) Label this description Part A.

Part B: Describe the same moment or element but this time use extrinsic information in addition to intrinsic. Did a particular handshape or mudra have a specific meaning? How did reading the author’s essay allow you to see meaning or purpose in the movement that was not seen the first time you watched? How does the dance represent the culture? Always begin with describing what the body is doing with 3 component descriptions, but this time you can contextualize your description with cultural information. (around 100 words) Label this description Part B.

Part C: Imagine that this discussion forum was going to become a paper and create a clear and succinct thesis statement that summarizes the information from Part B.

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