Speech Informational

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In this speech, you will be giving the audience detailed information about your topic (literally
defining or describing it) instead of simply explaining a process. This is the type of speech where
diseases/disorders/medical conditions are often used as topics; however, you are by no means
limited to these types of topics.

Time: This speech should last four (4) to six (6) minutes.

Research: You are required to use a minimum of three (3) research resources for this speech. Required Content:

● You should start your speech by literally introducing yourself.
● Make sure your speech has a clear introduction, body, and conclusion. Missing any one of these components will result in a severe point deduction on your speech.

● Be sure to state your credibility to give a define/describe speech on this topic.

Required Submissions: Along with your recorded speech, remember to submit the following in

  • A preparation outline (which includes a Reference page)
  • A synced PowerPoint Presentation
    The following is a list of possible topics. This list is meant to provide you with suggestions; you
    ARE NOT limited to these topics:

Musical genres (rap, country, pop, etc.)


Greenhouse Effect
Global Warming
Nuclear Winter
Child Abuse

Elder Abuse

Manic Depression

Alzheimer’s Disease
Breast Cancer

PLEASE NOTE: This is an informative speech, so your goal is to share information about your
topic. You should NOT include any persuasive elements in this speech. For example, if you choose
to discuss obesity, you should not include content that attempts to persuade your audience to lose
weight, exercise, etc.

The tutor chosen for this assignment will be in charge of producing both the power point slides corresponding with the speech, as well as the preparation online to be read off of as well as submitted. Please ensure that it will read out to 4-6 minutes.

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