Annodated bibliography

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1000- 1200 words

Apa formate

Using the book chapter 10 from water 4.0 along with this book also use 4 resources from a published articles, books, news papers.

Paragraph one is the intro and in this intro you want to put why is the issue on hand of the Public Health Preception on recycle/ reuse of the water important in California? Also how does the subtopic relate to the overall chapter in the book ( chapter 10)

Next 4 paragraphs :

Using 4 sources each source must write 125-150 words from in regards to the topic of how or what is the public heath perception on recycled water.

Last paragraph

250 word explain why you picked one of your 4 sources to be the best source. Give several reasons. One of the reasons can address the reliability of the source. Include one quote from this source int he essay with in-text citation. Explain the quote

this needs an intro and conclusion

read 4 articles for each article you will put in the work cited information and then go into the informatin and summary of the article then write a few sentences on how its useful information and article to your topic

conclusion needs to include why you picked the 4 article and how they best fit your topic and then go into the details of which of the 4 was the best and why.

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