Fitness Prescription

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Individual Project- Exercise Prescription– You will design an individual exercise program for yourself, based on the elements of physical fitness, including cardiorespiratory, muscular fitness (muscular endurance, muscular strength, and flexibility), and body composition. Your prescription should include actual exercises for each element of health-related physical fitness (noted above), based on the five essential components:

  • -1- Frequency, 2- Duration, 3- Intensity, 4- Mode, 5- Progression

Written Report of Prescription –The report should be ~3-5 pages typed; bullet points/calendars/ schedules/outline format is suggested. Examples will be given in class.

  • Each element of health-related physical activity should be represented (cardiorespiratory, muscular fitness and flexibility, body composition)- 5 POINTS
  • The 5 essential components of exercise prescription should be represented for each element, including a written section (paragraph) on Personal Challenges, Limitations, & Solutions to exercise and Body Composition Reflection & Goals—5 POINTS
  • Includes Lab Data, organized and grammatically correct- 5 POINTS

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