Career Achievement

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Blackett, K. (2016). Career achievement. New York,
NY: McGraw-Hill.

  • In a minimum of 250 words explain the greatest challenge you would face in finding a position in the job market today. Remember to use at least 2 scholarly sources and cite them in correct APA format. Questions and references are not included in the word count.

Assignment should a total of at least 1200 words and should use at least 3 scholarly sources. APA Format.Questions and references are not included in the word count.

  • Explore new career options based on the employment trends described in the assigned textbook. List 3 unexpected careers where your soft and hard skills may fit.
  • Choose one of the unexpected careers which you outlined above and develop a resume accordingly. Be sure to utilize the resume-building strategies outlined in the reading/textbook.
  • Student feedback helps Bethel University to improve. Describe one aspect of Bethel that you like and one that you dislike.
  • Your resume made it through the first cut and an interview has been scheduled! Your interviewer says “Tell me about yourself.” Respond with a compelling story that describes your professional background, interest in the field, and goals – this should take approximately 2 minutes during an interview. (This question is required to be at least 250 words.)

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