Principles of Marketing

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Read the attached Case study and answer the following questions:

1. Introduction

You will need to provide a brief introduction to the assignment (approx. 150 words).

(the main things about fitbit) (focus on main things)

2. Microenvironmental analysis/audit

Identify any microenvironmental factors that have affected Fitbit since the company’s launch in 2009. Chapter 2 and chapter 3 in the textbook are the key sources to guide your analysis.

(micro analysis) (positive things/negative things)

3. Macroenvironmental analysis/audit

Identify any macroenvironmental factors that have affected Fitbit. Chapter 3 should be used to guide the analysis.

(macro analysis) (positive things/negative things) (new laws and regulations? , new taxation?, etc)


By utilising the micro- and macroenvironmental analyses, develop a detailed SWOT analysis for Fitbit to determine the company’s strategic position. present the information in a table and provide a discussion that accompanies the table. Expected a minimum of four for each category.

5. Strategic recommendation

Once your SWOT is completed, you will need to prioritize and decide what is truly important. These issues will form the basis of your next step, matching or conversion. Identify the top two from each category for your matching or converting exercise. Justify your answer in details.

You will need to critically evaluate all the information you have gathered about Fitbit. Using appropriate marketing theories (Chapter 2), provide ONE strategic recommendation to Fitbit’s executives on the future direction of the company based on strategic marketing goals/objectives (niche, hold, downsize, growth). You must clearly explain the strategic recommendation.

6. Conclusion

Conclude the assignment by providing a summary and offer a final thought (max 150 words).

** Use APA style for the references.

** Minimum of 4 references.

** total word count = 1500 words.

** Chapter 2 & 3 will be attached.

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