Research: Public Finance

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Simply the research must address the budgetary system of Turkey in terms of the financial system, level of transparency, level of corruption…etc. The paper needs to be analytical not just description of the turkey’s public finance.

*10 pages written + 1or 2 pages for the cited materials.

*The source used in the paper has to follow APA format.

**The paper needs to be done on Saturday night at 12am (4/7/18).

I’ve written the outline with comments to help understand the content needed for each section. The outline of the paper as it follows;

– Country Context

Includes Macroeconomic information such as GDP – Population – Regienal reports.

The largest donors to Turkey

– Financial Management system

– Budgeting Process

*Public expenditure

*Which budget they apply (operating, performance, or program)?

*Internal controls and internal Audit

* External Audit

– Overall

*Level of transparency and accountability

*Level of corruption / Anti-Corruption:

Dept management

Efficiency of government spending and service


**Underline issue? (Turkey’s budget risks)

– Recommendations

Some of the suggestions reforms and it’s better if it linked to country’s development such as edu,health,agent.

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