Job Analysis and Job

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Staffing is part of the management function where the manager selects and maintains the people who will work to accomplish the goals that have been established. It is this important function where managers need to select and train the right people who are going to work for them for many years to come. All of these functions take time, and in order to obtain the staffing that is needed, it is important to understand how this can be accomplished. Improper recruiting and hiring practices can lead to embarrassing and legal situations for a health care facility.

Job Analysis:

The first step in the selection of our full-time staff member to work in Health Information Management is to perform a job analysis on the position for Information and Record Clerk. You have selected the position of Release of Information Associate. You can use the 15 questions that are in the Course Content section to conduct your analysis, or you can use another source that you have found.

Ideally, you would observe or interview a person already working in this position, but since you are doing this from a student stand point you can do this job analysis by looking at other job descriptions that have already been written or you can read literature about this position and what type of functions could be done. If you use another resource, please list that reference on the bottom of your document. This process makes you think about the position and what it will take to get the job accomplished.

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