Documentary Photography

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Select an image, with a caption, from a news source. Think about the following four topics below. Use the information from them to write a paragraph about the photo and your thoughts and feelings about it.

  1. Makeapersonalconnectiontothephoto(e.g.,“Remindsmeof when I visited the Empire State Building in third grade”).
  2. Writeaquestionthephotobringstomind(e.g.,“Whycanyousee only the backs of people’s heads in this shot?”).
  3. Writeadetailedobservationaboutthephoto(e.g.,“Thecolorred is everywhere — the sun, one person’s shoes, and the flowers and curtains in the background”).
  4. Makeaguessastowhatinformationtheoriginalcaptionofthis photo imparted (e.g., “This looks like the dedication of a memorial to someone who died”).

Your final paper will be submitted online using Canvas. If you are uploading a file, it should be typed, double spaced, and saved as a Word, PDF, or Pages. Please make sure to include, in the document, the photo you are discussing.

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