Topic 4- Discussion Forum 4

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Please write a Paragraph answering to this
discussion below with your opinion:

I have over twenty
years of experience in Nursing, but I need the education
that goes with it. I look forward to obtaining my Bachelors
of Science in
Nursing for now, and eventually my Masters of Science in
Nursing in the future.
It’s been a while since I have been in school, so my greatest
fear is accomplishing
my educational goals with the use of technology. Back in the
day we used paper
and pen so I’m afraid that I’m not that technology savvy. I
do believe that I
will overcome this fear, though. To overcome my fears, I must
be committed,
focused, determined, and have self-motivation. One
educational fear that I
conquered was in my final year of nursing school back home in
Ghana. I had to
do my capstone in nursing care study. I was assigned to our
principal nursing
tutor so that she could help me with the course work. She was
very strict,
unfriendly, and was never satisfied with what anyone had to
offer. She
disagreed with the topic I chose to write about and instead
wanted me to write
about a topic she had chosen for me. I took bold measures and
explained to her
about the topic and disease condition that I intended to
write about. I was
very afraid that she was going to reject my topic, but she
accepted it even
though it took her about two weeks to finally approve my
topic. By taking
initiative, I was approved of my topic and I passed the
capstone course with
flying colors.

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