​Brave New World

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Brave New World: Lit Circle Discussion Make-up 3/29/18

Chapters 5-7


Select four of the following questions; respond to each of your selected questions with thorough, well thought-out, answers. Be certain to include textual support, include the page number(s), for each answer.

1. What is Huxley saying to us about the mechanization of society, the decline of sexual morals, and the use of drugs as they effect people and relationships?

2. How are “Community, Identity, Stability” achieved? What are the tradeoffs in the BNW society?

3. How does Lenina describe anything which she does not like? Why do you think she uses this diction? What diction would you use? Why?

4. Explain Linda’s problems in adjusting to the Savage Reservation. What are the causes?

5. Do you believe Bernard will eventually adapt to his society? Why do you feel this way?

6. Do you think the conditioning Lenina underwent entirely inhibits her intrinsic instincts (as a female)?

7. Propose an alternative ending to the date if Bernard hadn’t taken the drugs. How do you think Lenina would have reacted to this?

8. How does Shakespeare’s book play a role in John’s life? Explain

9. Bernard finds his society unorthodox. Does he then consider the “savage” society unorthodox? At this point in the book, what does he consider a correct society?

10. Why did the author choose motherhood, family, and feelings as not acceptable in their world? Explain

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