Computerizing Medical Processes- Discussion

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Marianna Foster went to the emergency room in October 2008. She was having chest pain and was short of breath. Before she could be seen by an ER physician, she died. The coroner concluded that the length of her wait time in the ER was partly responsible for her death. Ms. Foster had a history of diabetes and congestive heart failure. She had checked into the ER at 2:00 pm in the afternoon. A triage nurse who saw her took an EKG reading and an oxygen (O2) saturation reading. Ms. Foster was told to have a seat and wait until a physician could review her chart. By 6:30 pm she was still waiting to be seen. She expired at 6:45 p.m.

Your job is to discuss the types of information the health care facility should develop to prevent this sort of event from happening again in the future. What information should the hospital have known about the patient? Who could be responsible for collecting the necessary data, and when? Consider using computerized information systems. Do you think this would help or hinder the process?

250 Word Minimum

APA Format

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