LDST 330 week 7 paper 4

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Week 7: Paper 4

Attached Files:

Paper 4: Developing a Code of Ethics – A Team Approach: Start Project

After working to develop your own process for ethical decision-making, you will now work in teams to craft a team-based Corporate Code of Ethics. In Week 7 you’ll start the research, and in Week 8 you will present your findings. You will be divided up into project teams of three or four to develop a code of ethics for a fictitious business, and then use this code as a guideline to resolve an issue.

Each of the team cases chosen from the text should be in a corporate setting where the team’s code of ethics will need to be used to resolve the issue, similar to the ethical DM model for individuals. The case solution will be evaluated for thoroughness and for how creative and effective the recommendation is for this situation, with each team presenting their solution in class similar to the DM models. Finally, the team will predict whether their recommendation would be followed and what the likely outcome of the situation will actually be. Part of the score will include a team score for how well the team worked together. This final course paper will be due next week.

Review the attached Paper 3 Description and Presentation.

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