Geography writting homework

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What is the management document for Cuyamaca Rancho State Park? Date completed? Approved by?

What Land Uses are covered in this plan?

What are the new issues addressed by this plan that weren’t addressed int he previous plan?

During the planning process, what were the key issues addressed by the plan? Who are the stakeholders for this park?

How can park planning stay current in terms of management of key issues?

when you walk inside the park, what techniques did you notice that the park uses to educate users about the park/geology/vegetation?

What techniques to they use to promote re-vegetation of burned areas? What land uses did you see in the park?

What activities did you see among the users?

Reflect on the experience with one full page no space.

Rules of writing: 1 page, 1.0 space, 11 pt. font.

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