Outlining Assignment

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The following assignment exercises your outlining skills. Read Chapter 6 in the Miller textbook (“Kinship and Domestic Life and prepare a chapter outline of major sections, minor sections and subcategories within the minor sections. Use the standard indented outline format in which the Roman numerals (I,II, II, etc.) represent the major sections, capital letters (A, B, C, etc.) represent minor sections (sub-categories of the major sections), and Arabic numerals 2, 3, etc.) represent sub-categories of the minor sections. Remember to Indent according to the standard outlining format. If the outlining function in your word processing software does not allow you to indent, do the indentations on your own, by hand

There are

three major categories in the chapter, a total of nine minor categories, and twelve sub- categories of the minor categories Be aware that all of the major categories contain minor categories, but not all of the minor categories have further subdivisions.

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