accumlative of all projects

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The final course project should be an example of the accumulated knowledge of computers and technology in criminal
justice from your work to this point. The material that you produced for the assignments in Units I and II and the
feedback you received on those will be essential in developing your final class project.
The final submission should incorporate the contents of Unit I and Unit II, including the implementation of feedback and
corrections from the professor. The articles from the annotated bibliography should be listed as references on the
References page, but the annotations (summary paragraphs) should not appear in this submission. All other APA rules
for citations and references apply here.
This Final Project will allow you to complete the proposed project you developed in the outline for Unit II. To complete the
final part of the course project, you must incorporate the following components:
 Explore the future of computing and technology in criminal justice by addressing the
o current status,
o expected future status, and
o overall impact on the criminal justice system.
 Use at least 10 of the approved scholarly sources in your discussion of the future of computing and technology in
criminal justice. Eight of those sources must be from scholarly and peer-reviewed works (e.g., governmental
reports, journals, and dissertations). The other two sources must come from the professional reports that were
approved in Unit II.
 Use at least two Microsoft Office applications covered in this course (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, or Access) to
provide a graphical depiction as support for the assertions you are making.
Your final project should be a minimum of 10 pages and must be presented in a single Word document, but may include
images from the Excel, PowerPoint, or Access work produced in this course.
Word processing documents should include all visual and/or supporting elements (e.g., images, spreadsheets, diagrams,
reports) within the body of the document. There should be only one file uploaded for submission of this assignment.

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