Cashier in a supermarket/skill variety

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You will be assigned a job and one of the characteristics from Hackman and Oldham’s Job Characteristics Model (Chapter 7). Your task is to find examples of the skills or tasks you have been assigned, which can be used to make the job more motivating. You need to explain why these actions are motivating. This means that you consider this job and think of what it entails and using the job characteristic that you have been assigned explain how you will make the job more motivating, using the characteristic to guide you.

So, in your analysis, you should have no fewer than 4 skills or activities and you must explain how each will contribute to motivation and how.

You must also have a minimum of 3 scholarly references for your answer. This can include the text and one other scholarly reference. Wikipedia will not be accepted as a scholarly reference but can be used to help you explain your job.

A marking key will be provided. Please read it carefully!

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