paper on communication in the family

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this essay is about how strong communication in my family. I am a male, 23 years old. I have three sister older than me and a brother younger than me. I have two parents. we are a total of 7 including me. My role in the family is a am the responsible one, i am very quiet, i always take car of my little brother. I am close to my sisters. I have a very good relationship with both of my parents. I moved out 4 years ago. They live thousands of miles away.

– use the word “I” minimally

– make the paper as objective as possible

– balanced paper (not a research paper with terms); make it personal

– be a real fanatic about citations, make sure to cite over and over and have a reference page (ASA)

– be aware of your “I” and “me” usage and make good use of your apostrophes; be a grammar scholar

– 3 page minimum

– make topic about something that moves you forward, can write about anything we’ve learned from class

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