Is Sierra Leone a good society?

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Part I (10 points):

1. What is your definition of a “Good Society?”

2. What criteria do you use in your theory? Why do these specific criteria deserve close

Part II (25 points):

1. Is the country you chose (Sierra Leone) a “Good Society,” according to your theory?

2. Apply each of the criteria developed in your theory to your country, discussing how your
country fares on each.

3. Is this country a Full or Flawed Democracy, a Hybrid Regime, or an Authoritarian
Regime? (see Democracy Index Report 2018)

3a. Is it likely that all (or most) countries in this category would meet your criteria of a
“Good Society?” Why or why not?


 Sources:

You must use the textbook. You must also use at least two other academic, governmental, and/or media
 Academic journals, major national or international newspapers, major
online news organizations, databases, etc.
o You may not use Wikipedia or other websites of unknown or inexpert origin.


This essay should be 6 pages, typed, double-spaced, in a standard
12-point font.
Cite your sources according to the style you know best (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.) (I prefer MLA)

Directly cite sources in text as well as in a works cited/bibliography.

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