Assignment 2: t Tests in Practice

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Assignment #2 w

For this assignment you will locate an experimental quantitative article in which quantitative data was collected and a t-test was used to test a hypothesis. This should not be a qualitative paper or a theory paper. It should be an empirical study. The authors should describe the collection of data and analyze their data using a t-test. Only describe one t-test – even if the author’s report more than one.

See the library resources to help locate an article:…

Length Adjustment!!

Write a 2 to 3 paragraph critique, not a 2 to 3 page critique. This is an error in the syllabus. Use APA format (title page, text, Reference page) and use scholarly writing.

Support Links

APA Format:…

Scholarly Writing:…

Tutoring in Statistics:…

Common statistical results.

Remember to use the SPSS discussion board for questions about running analyses in SPSS.

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