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Revise the following sentences to emphasize the perspective of the audience and the “you” view.

1a) We are taking the proactive step of issuing all our customers new chip-enabled credit cards to replace expired or lost cards and prevent increasingly costly payouts we have suffered from fraud.

Revise the following to make the tone conversational yet professional.

2a) As per your recent request, the undersigned is happy to inform you that we are sending you forthwith the procedure manuals you requested.

Your Task Revise the following statements to make them more positive and courteous.

3a)Construction on your building is at a standstill because the contractor is unable to pour footings until the soil is no longer soggy.

Your Task Revise the following sentences to reduce bias (e.g., gender, racial, ethnic, age, disability).

4a) In 18 or more states, an employee has the right to view his employee record.

Your Task Revise the following sentences to use plain language and familiar words.

5a) The writer tried to obfuscate the issue with extraneous and superfluous data.

Your Task From the choices in parentheses, select the most precise, vigorous words.

6a) If you find yourself (having, doing, juggling) many tasks, look for ways to reduce your involvement.

Your Task Using Figure 4.5, suggest the best communication channels for the following messages. Assume that all channels shown are available, ranging from face-to-face conversations to instant messages, blogs, and wikis. Be prepared to justify your choices considering the richness of each channel.

8a) You need to know whether Stephanie in Reprographics can produce a rush job for you in two days.

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