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The Role of Culture and Self-Awareness in Interpersonal Communication

Prepare for next week’s assignment by reading through and making note of the required elements in the Week Two Assignment. Note, there will be three steps to completing the five-page written assignment. Each step should be a separate, identifiable section of your paper. You will use Chapters 2, 3, 4, and 5 in the textbook and other relevant resources.

This week you should pay close attention to Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 content and reflect on the following:

  • The impact of culture on communication.
  • Strategies you can use to demonstrate cultural sensitivity when working in human services settings.
  • Your own other-orientation, as described in the textbook, as one measure of self-awareness.
  • Your own personal communication strengths and growth.
  • How having a strong other-orientation might be helpful for interpersonal communication in human services.
  • How both culture and self-awareness may be critical in interpersonal communication in human services.

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