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Write a recommendation report in which you compare two or more products, services, or programs intended to solve a problem, and then recommend one (or none). Identify a real or realistic audience that has specific requirements. Include an introduction. Discuss the situation or problem, criteria for selection, and other such background as necessary. 

● Use a short memo report format. 

● Be sure to define any terms that might be unfamiliar to readers of this report. 

● Include summary, introduction, and conclusion in the style you see as most appropriate for your type of report.
● Gather information from printed or published sources for this report and include a reference section. Cite any graphics or icons that you use as well. 

● Use headings, lists, and graphics as necessary in this report. 

● Attach the document describing the audience of your report. 

● As with all writing assignments in this course, use the standards of good writing style, 
grammar, punctuation, usage, and spelling. 

● This assignment should be a minimum of three pages. 

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