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Architecture of Enterprise Systems “An example regarding hardware components is that enterprises should choose hardware configurations that meet the users’ needs.
All members should be set up to a network to ensure that they are connected to the system’s applications.
Software applications should be configured to meet multiple needs.” This is the tricky part of enterprise in my opinion.
Things can get pretty sketchy on one side such as just getting software to behave the way want. The real trick is getting all these parts to work together.
I fully agree that the configurations should meet the users needs as you stated.
I sometimes feel that this part of a project is often overlooked as a user can be trained or retrained to adjust to a software or hardware needs.
The user’s are the bread and butter of an organization and any enterprise system should have the user in the front thoughts during development.
While I do understand there is a lot to think about in the development of a system,
the users are the ones in the long run that determine how productivity of a system will be played out.
If hardware and software are not configured to be user friendly (the GUI, maintenance, and accessibility as examples) then productivity can hurt. Just some thoughts!!!

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